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  • Words by Kalin Hart, Photos by John Domine

Bowie at Broadway

New Yorkers are in for quite an experiential treat when they head underground at the Broadway-Lafayette subway station in downtown Manhattan. The entire terminal has been transformed into a massive tribute to the late and great rock legend David Bowie, highlighting the globally-acclaimed retrospective David Bowie Is now featured at the Brooklyn Museum. The curators of the show have teamed up with Spotify, offering codes to download Bowie’s music as one explores down under. Subway riders are also in for a pleasant surprise when they buy their cards at the Broadway Lafayette station- 250,000 metro cards have been printed with 5 different images of Bowie from various stages throughout his career. (If you are a collector and don't want to gamble on which card you will get, you can choose to buy a set for $32.50 at one of the manned kiosks. Don't fall prey to hawkers on-line selling them for upwards of $200.)

Residing in New York for more than 20 years with his wife Iman, Bowie adored the city and recognized its impact on his work. Quotes from the singer about NYC span throughout the installation, leaving us New Yorkers with a warm sense of nostalgia about the heart of our city, its true essence. Viewers get a peek into the daily life of the musician with “Bowie’s Neighborhood Map” featuring classic local haunts such as Washington Square Park, Electric Lady Studios, the subway station itself and more. This subterranean splendor will be on display through May 13.

The massive retrospective David Bowie Is has been touring the globe for 5 years, now concluding here in New York at the Brooklyn Museum. Complete with over 400 objects from the David Bowie archive, the show explores the creative process of an artist who truly revolutionized the way we experience music. Through his fresh approach to gender fluidity, he challenged social norms and inspired many to express their own unique identities free of the rigid division of the sexes that had previously been in place.

This all-immersive experience offers a bluetooth headset that serenades the viewer through the exhibit with a concoction of live music, interviews, quotes and more. As one weaves through the tear sheets covered in Bowie’s genius chicken scratch lyrics, photos, album covers, over 60 custom made costumes and more, the sound system on the headset smoothly fades in and out with his music paired with the content displayed. With low lighting and a strict no cell phone policy in place, the viewer becomes fully immersed in the fascinating world of David Bowie. Reservations are filling up quickly for this spectacular tribute so snag your tickets soon before the show ends July 15.

The Bowie experience continues above ground just a few blocks away at 42 Bond Street with two majestically hidden images by artist Scott Vandervoort. If one is barreling down the street in typical New York fashion it is easy to miss these beauties. It is only at a specific point on the path past this fence that Bowie's portrait emerges from the steel bars. So slow that New York minute down to let a little Ziggy Stardust magic into your world.

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