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In The Spray Room at Moniker 2018

For the first time ever, the Sold Crew brought its "In The Spray Room" podcast out of StellaBella & Big Ronnie's dining room, and on location to the Moniker Art Fair at the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse. We had a total blast! To be a small part of this large scale production was an honor, and we respected the position we were in... But we had fun at the same time! The Sold Crew put its best foot forward, and got some really candid and touching sentiments out of the artists. In addition to the regular crew of podcast hosts, Big Ronnie, JPO, John Domine, and Bytegirl; we had other contributors join in the fun too! You will hear cameo appearances from Nicole Gordon, Sarah Sansom, Claudia Reyes, Kalin Hart, and even our Assistant Editor Kristy Calabro! There was a lot of love being spread (the Brooklyn way), in the Juxtapoz lounge!

Take a listen to all 19 episodes on the Moniker podcast page, appearing in order of recording on both days, May 6th & 7th 2018. And while you are there... go to the list of episodes from our regular sessions, we have 15 full episodes recorded to date.



Big Ronnie getting a big laugh from Skewville

228's by OptimoNYC during his episode

Also, a huge THANK YOU to Garry at SignSmiths, Inc. for coming through with the Sold Magazine banner. Support your local business: Give this man a call for your next event, signage or even vinyl stickers!

The chronological list and IG link to all participants:

Lucinda Grange

Derek Gores

Grey Matter & Vic of ASVP

MeresOne & Marie



Tina Ziegler

Adrian Wilson

Jonathan Levine

L'Amour Supreme


Steven Harrington & Jaime Rojo of BSA

Jay Shells

Noah Sheroff of 501seestreets

AJ LaVilla


Alex Emmart & Angelo of Doyle Auctions


Joel & Boa of The Sampler BK

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