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  • words by Kristy Calabro, Pictures by The Sold Crew

The Bushwick Collective Block Party Roundup

Saturday was a scorcher, but that didn't stop thousands of street art and graffiti enthusiasts from coming out to see the fresh walls at the Bushwick Collective Block Party! Fans also came to check out the live performances with a headlining concert by rapper, Ja Rule.


Here's a recap of events seen through the lenses of the Sold crew!

Featured in slideshow: miroizm, det_ris, giz_nyc, and zaone. Photos: Joanna Pan

Artists in action, John Domine

L-R BK Foxx, Isabelle Ewing, BK Foxx, Mr. Hydde, Aquarela, Golden, Hops1, Gemma Gené, Michel Velt & Mr. June.

Perrier teamed up with Juan Travieso, whose artwork was seen on trucks and limited edition bottles, bringing some wildlife to this concrete jungle. There were other vendors and food trucks, where we made the discovery of a spaghetti donut (!) and the opening of the Wyckoff Beer Garden which was an art lover's dream with a tiki feel and built-in sandbox bringing some Miami vibes to Bushwick.

Juan Travieso with his Perrier truck (Photo: John Domine) and Sacsix's sandpit at Wyckoff Beer Garden (Photo: Nicole Gordon).

The Netherland's Michel Velt's second showing at the Collective. Photo: Sarah Sansom

'Rockin it Suckers' wall by RIS Crew GIZ, SMOG, MIROIZM & SUCH. Photo: Sarah Sansom

Stencil art from France's FKDL and Argentina's Cabaio Spirito. Photo: Sarah Sansom

David Junelouf, aka Mr. June, on St. Nicholas Avenue. Photo: Sarah Sansom

Miami's Golden pays a visit. Photo: Sarah Sansom

Jeff Henriquez's smoking beta fish adorn the side of Idelwild. Photo: John Domine

Sipros' trademark big ears, this time on a Supergirl. Photo: John Domine

Eric Inkala just finished at this spot of Jefferson Street. Photo: Sarah Sansom

Detail of Li-Hill on the exterior of Wyckoff Beer Garden. Photo: John Domine

Patch Whisky and Ghostbeard team up again with dynamic results. Photo: John Domine

Young talent with a happy alien robot by The Soph, age 8, and skateboarder by Lola the Illustrator, age 9. Photos: John Domine

Artist Gemma Genéwth with her first mural ever of her famous pug Mochi. Photos: Sarah Sansom

Tom Bob left us two gifts this year: an anteater and Stephen Hawking tribute. Photos: John Domine & Sarah Sansom

Silde show photos: Sarah Sansom and John Dominé.

Gondek, Chrissoria, Harry Bones, Loomit, Solus, James Bullough/Isabelle Ewing, Hoacs/Harry Bones/Cobra Box, Golden.

Miami's Urban Ruben posed with fans and handed out stickers at his clever Brooklyn mural. Photo: Sarah Sansom


Veteran artists and a few first-timers to the block party came together to do what they do best, adding their new creations to the Collective’s landscape. Through our photos and Instagram stories, Sold was there bringing you full coverage from the start. If you couldn't make it Saturday and would like to visit, The Bushwick Collective murals are centered around Troutman Street & St. Nicholas Avenue, Brooklyn (Jefferson St. stop on the L Train).

Find out more at The Bushwick Collective on Instagram and Facebook.

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