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  • Words by Kristy Calabro and Photos by Bytegirl and

SOLD 2018 Welling Court Preview

If you're someone who loves street art in NYC and may be looking to explore it in a different borough, then the 9th annual Welling Court Mural Project in Astoria, Queens is for you! It takes place this Saturday, June 9th from 12-8pm. Still considered a "hidden gem" in our beloved city, Welling Court is a must see event that never disappoints!

Damien Mitchell, WIP (Welling Ct., 2018) Photo by: Bytegirl


Debuting with over 40 murals in May 2010, with the help and vision of Ad Hoc Art, Welling Court brings together community, culture, and art with a nice mix of up-and-coming and legendary artists. Every year is a communal celebration and even if you're not from there, it feels like home. Families gather, the smell of barbecue fills the streets, while Spanish music and Hip-Hop provide the soundtrack. You’ll also hear the shake and rattle of spray cans and the hiss of the fresh paint as it's applied to a wall. It's all part of the magic of seeing these Astoria streets go through another artistic transformation. The project now hosts over 150 murals from local and international artists.

@sean9lugo, @avisualbliss, @_stavro_ (Welling Ct., 2017)


Just a few of the artists who participated last year: @chrisrwk, @nychooker, @asvpart, @jcbknyc, @jennamorello, @kwuemolly, @wolfbat, @degaleart, @iameelco, @toofly_nyc, @aquarelaart, @wizardskull, @fumeroism, @hellbent, @depoh, @chrissoria, @marcmaniac, @lmnopi


(@oikofugicrchl) - "We engaged the public in conversations about mental heath and society...the phrases come from the public’s participation and therefore represent our collective experience that is often shamed into silence." (Welling Ct., 2018)


Participating in this year's Welling Court Mural Project are: Cey Adams, Joel Artista, Chris RWK, Col Wallnuts, Epicuno, Marc Evan, Eyez, Jamie Hef, Jeff Henriquez, Damien Mitchell, Praxis, Shiro, Sinned, Chris Soria, Toofly, Wane, YES, plus more!

Praxis (@praxis_vgz) WIP (Welling Ct., 2018) Photo by: @bytegirl

@waneonecod, @epicuno, @col_wallnuts (Welling Ct., 2018) Photo by: @bytegirl

There will also be DJ’s, music, and dancing. Victor “Kid Glyde” Alicea and his Dynamic Rockers will be demonstrating old and new school breaking techniques.

Come on down to Queens, support this community, and join us at this annual art block party. Sold Magazine will be there covering the event, handing out free goodies from No Love City, Tattooed Moms drink coins, plus pins and stickers! We will also be podcasting with some of your favorite artists!

@artistikznewyork @mou16 (Welling Ct., 2017)

Welling Court Mural Project is located at 11-90 Welling Ct., Queens, NY 11102.

[Take note: weekend subway service advisory. No N train stops between Queensboro Plaza and Ditmars Blvd. There will be shuttle buses from Queenboro Plaza. Also, the Q102 from Queensboro Plaza or the Q18 from the Northern Blvd. station on the R or M train, both will stop right at Welling Ct.]


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