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JPS Revisits NYC

The early part of 2018 introduced us to Jamie Scanlon AKA JPS, a British stencil artist who made his first trip stateside for a solo show at Fat Free Art in the Lower East Side. I had the opportunity to meet and interview him at the time, and he gave honest and real responses to a range of topics.

His first trip was all about the show indoors, and given the frozen city streets in January, it was best to scout locations and come back when the ground had thawed. And that was exactly what he did. He quietly came back through the 5 boroughs and left little treats for us hunters, and the random sightings that would put a smile on anyone's face.

While these unique stencil pieces of art work well on the canvas, their placement out in the wild is where the sweet spot is hit! Take a warmer, Springtime ride with JPS down his stencil road of humorous images both large and MICRO! While he was given permission, and some are in well known locations, other spots remain undisclosed, so you will have to find them on your own!


JPS posing in front of his Predator, for scale.

Hilarious appearances by John Gotti, Spidernam, and Eminen on the rooftop of the NY Moore Hostel.

Allen Street even got the JPS treatment. This shady area is street level.

Floyd Mayweather even got involved in the fun. When a pun can be made of your last name, your celebrity status levels up in the street art world! These work in progress shots were at the East Village Walls, also on street level.

East Village Walls WIPs

Look out for JPS stencils everywhere you roam, an object intervention could be around any corner! Keep up with his adventures through his instagram account, and look for a JPS stencil where ever you may travel.

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