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  • Words & Photos by John Domine

On the Road: Pow! Wow! DC 2018

Summer is here, which means there has been a lot of painting happening to take advantage of the longer, sunnier days. And that means plenty of mural festivals with amazing art to explore. In New York City, we have already had the Bushwick Collective Block Party and the Welling Court mural festival, but there are many more to see if you are willing to take to the road. On that list for me was the Pow! Wow! DC mural festival which took place May 5th-May 14th this year, with an impressive list of artists from around the globe, including Johan Moorman from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, RICHT from Bristol, England, Mari Inukai from Japan, and many others.

Conveniently, all of the walls from this year's event, as well as a majority of walls from the previous two years are in walking distance of the NoMa-Gallaudet Station. As such, you can check them all out in the span of a few hours. Another convenience is that Pow! Wow! DC has put together a nice little map that you can access from your smartphone on the go. Here is the link. Once you have it on your phone, you are ready to roll. I would recommend starting off with the walls at the Metropolitan Branch Trail and wander from there. (Note: I have also included all of the addresses below each wall to make things easy for you. You're welcome.)

Walls along the Metropolitan Branch Trail

Artists from L to R: BroCoLoco, Juan Pineda, Takashi Nakajima, Wing Chow, Golden Rabbit Silent Monkey, Martin Swift, Marcella Kriebel, Kate Fleming, Cyril Vouilloz

Work by Jamaican artist Taj Tenfold, located at 1211 3rd Street NE

Incredible sculptural piece by Brooklyn's Mike Murphy (1215 3rd Street NE)

Fun colorful piece by Puerto Rican artist LAP (1179 3rd Street NE)

Abstract design by Italian artist Christian Povo (1232 4th Street NE)

A pop of color by Dutch artist Johan Moorman (1232 4th Street NE)

DC! by Hawaiian artist Jeff Gress (1300 1st Street NE)

Don't Go! Vibrant wall by Tennessee's Birdcap (33 New York Avenue NE)

Nissin Ramen. Yummy work by DC's own Kelly Towles (89-98 M Street NE)

Fastastical visions by Japanese artist Mari Inukai (61 Pierce Street NE)

Colorful work by DC's Brandon Hill and Peter Chang (61 Pierce Street NE)

Busy beauty by British artist RICHT (15 K Street NE)

So, if you are looking for an art-filled getaway, there is no need to look further than our nation's capitol! Aside from the new works from Pow!Wow! DC, there is a lot more to discover, as well. If you would like to check out what else is included in this visual feast, read our On the Road: Washington, D.C., which will give you all the info you will need before hitting the road this summer.

Happy summer! It is shaping up to be an incredible season already!

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