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  • Nicole Gordon with Photos Supplied by Gallery

Jonathan LeVine Projects Presents: Things Portrayed by Ronald Gonzalez & New Drawings by Ben Tol

Things Portrayed by Ronald Gonzalez & New Drawings by Ben Tolman

June 23 — July 21, 2018

Opening reception: Saturday, June 23 from 6 - 8 pm

New York native Ronald Gonzalez creates figurative sculptures that meld everyday objects into human forms, creating inanimate yet expressive beings concerning themes of mortality, memory and psychic pain. Things Portrayed is a metaphor for Gonzalez’s obsessive quest to capture the darker workings of the human soul and features new work from his Head Series. Made entirely from leather and reclaimed objects his layered portraits are complete with provocative identities that capture the psycho-physical energy associated with human existence.

New Drawings by Ben Tolman showcases the artists intricate and densely rendered ink drawings, depicting multi-tiered dramas of both urban and suburban life. Tolman's work examines patterns of human behavior and the effect constructed environments have on the people who inhabit them while also offering a wider view of the extraordinary systems that shape our society.

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