• Words by Theo Sahos, Photos by Theo Sahos

2018 Welling Court Recap

The Welling Court Mural Project began in 2009 after Jonathan Ellis, representing members of the Welling Court, Queens community, met at Ad Hoc Art’s Bushwick gallery, and invited Ad Hoc AKA Garrison Buxton to help envision a way to beautify their neighborhood.

Now in its 9th year, this street art event which takes place in Astoria, Queens NYC took place on June 9, 2018.

The Project now hosts over 150 murals by artists from around the corner and around the world, providing new arrays of visual experiences that change how people experience and interact with their environment. The Welling Court Mural Project is one of the best collections of contemporary street culture on earth, all within this hidden gem of NYC! Free and open to the public 24/7/365.

Enjoy our staff shots from the entire week of activity, both in progress and completed!

Queen Andrea (Photo by Joanna Pan)

Wane and EpicUno (Photo by Joanna Pan)

Jerms WIP (pictured) x BelowKey x Topaz (Photo by Joanna Pan)

Daze & Crash WIP (photo by John Domine)

Daze & Crash (Photo by Joanna Pan)

JPO WIP (Photo by Joanna Pan)

JPO WIP (Photo by Erica Stella)

Uta Brauser WIP (Photo by Erica Stella)

Mastro (Photo by Joanna Pan)

NYCHooker WIP (Photo by Joanna Pan)

NYCHooker WIP (Photo by Erica Stella)

Zimad WIP (Photo by John Domine)

KingBee (Photo by John Domine)

Eyez (Photo by John Domine)

Fumero WIP (Photo by Theo Sahos)

Fumero WIP (Photo by Keith Aronowitz)

Praxis & Fumero (Photo by Theo Sahos)

Veng WIP (Photo by John Domine)

Sinned and Ryan Seslow (Photo by John Domine)

Dirt Cobain above, Jeff Henriquez WIP (Photos by John Domine)

Jeff Henriquez WIP (Photo by Erica Stella)

Jeff Henriquez x Dirt Cobain (Photo by Theo Sahos)

WORE WIP (Photo by John Domine)

WORE (Photo by Theo Sahos)

Joel Artista WIP (Photo by Erica Stella)

Joel Artista WIP (Photo by John Domine)

Chris Soria, Marc Maniac, Joel Artista (Photo by Theo Sahos)

Harry Bones WIP (Photo by John Domine)

Harry Bones WIP (Photo by Erica Stella)

LMNOPI WIP (Photo by John Domine)

LMNOPI WIP (Photo by Theo Sahos)

LMNOPI WIP (Photo by Erica Stella)

Findizzcreate WIP (Photo by John Domine)

Findizzcreate WIP (Photo by Keith Aronowitz)

Gabriel Spector WIP (Photo by Keith Aronowitz)

Gabriel Spector WIP (Photo by John Domine)

Siul WIP (Photo by John Domine)

Imagine WIP (Photo by John Domine)

Mr. Dissatisfied WIP (Photo by John Domine)

Mr. Dissatisfied WIP (Photo by Erica Stella)

Cernesto WIP (Photo by John Domine)

See One WIP (Photo by John Domine)

Damien Mitchell WIP (Photo by Erica Stella)

Damien Mitchell WIP (Photo by Nicole Gordon)

Jenna Morello WIP (Photo by Erica Stella)

Toofly WIP (Photo by Nicole Gordon)

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