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In The Spray Room, Ep. 19 Connie Byun

The gallery landscape is changing. We are in a new era of pop-up shops, hype series, and exclusive events for influencers only. It has become the "Wild West" of trying to navigate art sales, price points, and advertising. For an artist, this time can be liberating, scary, or both! While the trust should always be a huge part of any business relationship, the connection between gallerist and artist has to have synergy too. One of the brightest stars shining on the Brooklyn art scene, Connie Byun is stepping outside the gallery box. Her experimental event space, 3RD ETHOS at 154 Flushing Avenue in Bushwick is a different experience for an art buyer. But it's not just about the space, its Connie herself.

3rd Ethos Gallery on IG

3rd Ethos Collective on IG


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