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AM Art Stop "Shot of the Week" 7.13.18

Intermission. The name of the most recent piece by Tristan Eaton at the famous Bowery Wall for Goldman Global Arts in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The artist completed the piece around the 4th of July Holiday, and the halfway mark in the year seemed like the appropriate name for the piece. From the artist's IG page:

This piece is meant to be a break from the daily horror of global events, a momentary pause to let your mind wander and escape the collective anxiety felt in the United States today. I was compelled to paint something intentionally apolitical. A literal INTERMISSION from the noise and madness - nothing more. I wanted to paint imagery that triggers the imagination and recalls memories of beauty, joy and escapism. From juicy fruit and gold chains, to Sci-Fi and race cars, the collage of whimsical imagery serves as a launch pad for a momentary mental vacation. I believe that even a brief moment of wonder and curiosity can be therapeutic and deeply helpful. However, I don’t hope to ignore global events and urgent political crisis, but rather step back, take a breather then launch back into action with greater purpose and greater clarity. What better time to do so then July 4th?

Artist: Tristan Eaton

Location: Bowery Wall at Houston & Bowery, NYC

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