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In The Spray Room at The Sampler BK

We met the crew from The Sampler BK at Moniker Art Fair, and they closed out our 2nd day of recording. Both Joel and Boa could see that Sold Magazine and The Sampler BK had aligned intentions with our promotion of urban art and the culture. We were both adamant that we should work together in the future. After a meeting and a few discussions, recording from the storefront window to kick off a Turtlecaps event was the way to get it going... On Friday, July 6th, 2018, The Sold Magazine Crew was in the house, and got some really great art chats in the books!

Justin Phame and Bella are a dynamic muralist couple who work together as BellaPhame collectively. Listen to this 1st episode of the evening, as they tell their love story, and their love for painting public murals together. Everyone love a street art couple, and these 2 are pretty amazing.

BellaPhame's IG


Jeff Henriquez is no stranger to Sold, but it was the first time he sat down and got on the mic. This episode is extra special, not only because of the way Jeff paints a story, but because we had an extra special guest host, Zimad. This conversation is not one to miss.

Jeff Henriquez's IG


To close out the kick off of the Turtlecap's groups show, we thought it would be best to chat with the man himself. Another artist who is no stranger to Sold Magazine, but the first time we got to hear him cut it up on the mic. In addition, the owner of The Sampler BK, Leo sat down with us as well. The rest of the evening was great, and all the artwork is still on sale at the shop until August 3rd... And keep your ears open for Part 2 coming soon!

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