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The 2018 RWK + Friends Exhibition is HERE

The 3rd Annual RWK and Friends show kicked off last Friday the 13th night, wowing us with a huge variety of work ranging from oil paintings and 3D canvases, to customized spray cans and toys.

A great gallery wall includes work by Nicky Davis, Chris RWK and Stickmonger

Robots Will Kill is a platform that helps overlooked artists get more exposure via their long-running website, Instagram, podcast and annual shows. The group exhibition featuring members and friends displays work by over 50 artists including graffiti, street artists, illustrators and toy artists.

Here are highlights of this year's show:

I LOVE the button eyes on this Die Slow work

'The Mad Titan', TMO's first showing at RWK and Friends

Skeleton, Veng

Question: What was new about show #3? The answer: Innovative postcard flyers, dope 'I❤️NEWYRWK' tees and totes, and the scavenger hunt was kicked up a notch with a special giveaway contest.

Flyers did double duty as black books - here drawn by Oakland's Nite Owl.

Customized flyers by Zero Productivity and SNOW were hidden in 25 locations on Thursday night. If you found one, you were asked to post yours on Instagram to enter. Three lucky winners were announced Sunday July 15th on ZOPRO's story.

Photos: Zero Productivity

Highlights also included 3D pieces:

'Another installment of the Gouch VS Ribs saga continues as these two artists continue to find themselves in sticky situations: While Ribs is plotting to explode Gouch with TNT dynamite - Gouch has a back up plan of dropping a 5 gallon bucket of paint on Ribs. Never really winning against each other but always raising the bar for creativity. Stay tuned for what’s next from these two.' - Gouch, artist.

Drils, Adrian K, Big C, Matt Siren, Taylor Bowen, Raul Barquet, Mike Die x Isawadino, Biafra and Stickmonger. Click to enlarge.

Crowds enjoying the work/chilling outside, Scrabble art from Sugarfueled, and Tony DePew acrylic on wood

Superfans arrived at 3pm for a free tote bag filled with original art, prints, stickers and zines. Photos: Kristy Calabro

'I was really surprised to see how many things I got; pins, buttons, prints and stickers I never knew existed, and a nice tote bag.' - George Brock, Art photographer

Sticker trading was ON with a sticker shelf and beauties from RAD and Nick C. Kirk

Street action included black book sketching, Gardner with his Nite Owl raffle prize, incredible Mike Die pins and Baston


The show is open until August 13, 2018. Need more of an incentive to stop by and check it out in person? Here's what attendees said:

'I love exhibits like this that are electric and diverse, offering high quality pieces at affordable prices.' - RAD, Artist

'At the RWK & friends show, you'll see so many of your favorite artists all in one spot: I really enjoyed watching some of our favorites leaving behind their marks in lucky fans’ black books. It’s like a big family reunion we look forward to every summer!' - Kristy Calabro, SOLD Assistant Editor

'I loved it - there were a lot of great pieces last night. I was especially hyped since I missed the previous show' - Maloverse, Artist

'I thought the show had a great variety of artists, as always. Seeing Chris and all of our friends within the art community is always a pleasure for us.' - Nicole Gordon, SOLD Contributor and daughter Emma Levine


My Plastic Heart, 210 Forsyth St., New York, NY 10002 Tues - Sat 12-7PM • Sun 12-5PM

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