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  • Nicole Gordon with Photos Courtesy of Good Luck

Lululemon x Good Luck Dry Cleaners

I enjoyed watching artists Phil Reese, Jeremy Penn, Jenna Krypell and JPO transform the downstairs area of Lululemon located at 114 Fifth Avenue into a completely interactive art gallery. The energy was high and the colors were both vibrant and inviting. I especially loved the way the artist's worked so beautifully well together. I cannot wait to see the finished installation. Here is a sneak peek of the amazing collaboration which opens tonight at 7pm. Tickets are available on Eventbrite and also in the link below.

Good Luck Dry Cleaners’ dynamic NYC artist duo Jeremy Penn and Phil Reese are transforming HUB Seventeen into an immersive, interactive environment that amplifies the human connection to art while awakening and enlightening your senses in the process.

Born out of an abandoned dry cleaning operation in Williamsburg called “Good Luck,” the location was converted into a speakeasy gallery and cultural hub for creatives. A true lifestyle brand dedicated to pushing culture forward, the Good Luck Dry Cleaners vision has quickly been embraced by some of the world’s most prestigious artists, entertainers, luxury brands, fashion houses, and private collectors.

Penn + Reese creatively curate unique pop-up exhibits that induce fun, beauty and inclusiveness to all in an exclusive atmosphere. Most recently, Good Luck Dry Cleaners converted Saks Fifth Avenue’s raw basement into a speakeasy gallery/party hub during New York Fashion Week for seven consecutive nights (the incredible before and after image is below so you can see what they did to the space in less than 3 days). From a shark tank DJ booth to surprise special guest performances, Penn + Reese awed the invite-only crowd with an experience that people best-described as having “the absolute perfect vibe.”

Check out Good Luck Dry Cleaners on the gram for sneak peeks of the lululemon x Good Luck Dry Cleaners Art Opening happening tonight!

Photo by @kalinhart

WHO: Good Luck Dry Cleaners – Jeremy Penn, Phil Reese

WHAT: Art, Music, Drinks + Surprises

WHEN: Thursday, July 19 (7pm – til 12 AM)

WHERE: lululemon’s HUB Seventeen, 114 5th Avenue, NY, NY 10011


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