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In The Spray Room, Ep. 21 JCorp

Justine Wong AKA JCorp has been a part of the Sold Magazine Family from the beginning. One of the female artists highlighted in the 1st Issue of Sold Magazine's print run, JCorp also participated in an Exclusive video where she introduced Boonicorn to the world! Her reveal coincided with a fun wall for ST.ART, and Bytegirl was on hand for the story. Byegirl was also turned into a JCorp character that can be seen on the front page of our website (Click that cute little character for all our info on the latest tour).

Jcorp is a big part of Sold, and it was great to have her sit down with the Crew, and let us know what she's been up to. The conversation covers everything from Marcel Duchamp to the BEST Dim Sum in NYC.



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