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July Sold Magazine Staff Shots

If anything is Hotter Than July, the month of July in '18 has been just that. The heat is something these artists can take, and they created some amazing works of art in the process. Sold Magazine is covering the action, and trying to find the shade when we can! Take a look through this month's freshest paint, and keep cool on the hot city streets!

Joanna Pan

bg183 for tatscru WIP on a Big Pun memorial

Keith Aronowitz

Elxupetnegre WIP in Barcelona, Spain

John Domine

findizzcreate WIP on her eastvillagewalls mural

Kristy Calabro

dirtworship WIP for jmzwalls

Erica Stella

Pixel Pancho WIP for Brooklyn Cider House

Sarah Sansom

Holland’s GOMAD on 7.29.18 at Upfest in Bristol, UK

Raphael Gonzalez

Fumero WIP at 272 Johnson Avenue, BK

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