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  • Words by Erica Stella, Photos by just_a_spectator

Eduardo Kobra 2018: 1-3

By this time, most New Yorkers may have heard about the new Michael Jackson tribute that was recently erected in the East Village on 1st Avenue & 11th Street. What you may not know is that it is the first of many murals being created by Eduardo Kobra. Sold Magazine will be keeping up with his progress, so keep it here for all completed murals!

"Michael Jackson" 11th Street & 1st Avenue, NYC

Eduardo Kobra was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where many of his initial works were performed. He began to gain visibility in '06 when he launched the Walls of Memory series, depicting scenes of São Paulo in the first half of the 20th century. Since then he has been conducting projects focusing on world peace and the preservation of fundamental rights. This mixture of hyperrealism, black and white, geometric patterns, and an extensive color pallette gives his works a unique style, which can be seen in 30 countries.


"Stop Guns" Eldridge & Stanton, NYC


Among more than 500 works, 16 were performed in the U.S., such as The Kiss in New York, Chicago Blues in Chicago, and Abraham Lincoln in Lexington. Other murals can be found in places like Malawi (Madonna’s Foundation Mercy James Institute), Italy (Carrara marble quarry), and France (1st Intl. Walls of Memory work).

"Roy Lichtenstein" EVEN Hotel rooftop, 221 East 44th Street, NYC

Kobra aims to paint more than 20 murals all around NYC to show on his unique style how peace can be celebrated through art and to celebrate people that make the difference in their fields. The murals will be spread around NYC, the capital of the world, to catch the public eye's attention.

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