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August Sold Magazine Staff Shots

August has been a hot one, but NYC has also seen a lot of rain. In between the raindrops, Kobra continues to paint his way around Brooklyn and Manhattan, many artists have been coming into town, and our local artists are busy as well! Heat wave or monsoon season, these artists keep painting. Take a look through the Sold Magazine Staff's most recent shots from another Summer month in 2018.

John Domine

Eduardo Kobra from Brazil WIP on his first of many walls in NYC, Michael Jackson

Raphael Gonzalez

Javier Barriga from Chile WIP for The Bushwick Collective

Joanna Pan

Owen Dippie WIP in Brooklyn

Keith Aronowitz

Konair in front of an arched doorway in Barcelona, Spain

Erica Stella

Adrian Wilson (posing as Richard Prince), WIP at Stanton Social, NYC


uncuttart WIP on a Lambo at South Street Seaport, NYC

Sarah Sansom

2alas WIP at Rag and Bone for the Houston Project, NYC

Kristy Calabro

Eduardo Kobra from Brazil, WIP "Tolerance" 18th St./10th Ave., Chelsea

Claudia Reyes

BG183, Tats Cru WIP at A Cultural Happening Bronx, NYC

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