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Sold Magazine's September Event Guide

Once the Summer break is over, the art world kicks back into life. Scared of missing out? Check out Sold Magazine's September guide for recommended events.


August 31 - September 9

Caratoes painting at POW! WOW! Worcester '17

One of the closest editions of the POW! WOW! festival, POW! WOW! Worcester is entering its 3rd year, producing immersive cultural experiences around a 10-day festival in the heart of New England.

This years event adds 20 murals to the city's collection of 60. The schedule includes a body paint party, basketball, soccer matches featuring artists and local community, and opening and closing parties.

2018 artists include Adam Fujita, Max Sansing, TomBob, Smoluk, Stikki Peaches, Dragon 76, RAE BK, Lexi Bella, Insane 51, Lamour Supreme, The London Police, OG Slick, Stickymonger, WRDSMTH and Chris RWK. Go!

"The reason I love being a part of POW! WOW! Worcester is because it is the one destination in New England for street art and murals. Lisa, Jessica and the rest of the team bring vitality to Worcester beautifying the city for all to enjoy.” - TomBob, NYC artist

Our 2017 Recap

Bytegirl's POW! WOW! Football experience

Dasic Fernandez, Earth Crusher, Apexer and Imagine, 2017. Photos Sarah Sansom.

August 31 - September 9

Worcester, MA

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Crush Walls Urban Art Festival

Denver, September 3-9

Shalak Attack, 2017

Recently named by Smithsonian as one of ”The Top 5 Mural Festivals In The World!" CRUSH WALLS will be reaching new heights in the mile-high city: 7 days, 77 art happenings with local and international artists and off-the-wall events for all.

This year's edition will once again embody ‘Where Art is Made’, embracing more than ever the groundbreaking spirit of Denver’s RiNo Art District. CRUSH WALLS 2018 will be connecting both east and west sides of this unique art district, curating immersive experiences, showcasing awe-inspiring talent, uniting people through creativity, and offering a standout opportunity for everyone to experience the arts.

Coverage from 2017:

John Domine's On the Road: Denver article

SOLD crew's in-progress 2017 shots

Our visit to the International Church of Cannabis, decorated with Okuda art

Mike Graves, Okuda San Miguel, Hoxxoh, Mr Cenz, Blaine Fontana and Marka27. Photos SOLD crew.

September 3-9

RiNo Art District, Denver

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Untainted Abstraction at GR Gallery, September 5

Untainted Abstraction at GR Gallery features artists Emilio Cavallini and Meguru Yamaguchi, collaborating for the first time.

The exhibition will unveil 20 artworks by the two internationally known artists from Italy and Japan.

Beside showcasing a new body of work, the show will launch a limited edition print and a 3D wall sculpture specially conceived for the event.

The artists are also organizing an immersive experience that will throw the visitor into a timeless world of energetic purity, with an interactive and immersive installation in the space.

Opening September 5, 6-9pm

September 5 - October 14

GR Gallery, 255 Bowery, New York

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Veiled Intent: Hueman at Mirus Gallery

Denver, CO September 8th

Street artist Allison Tinati, also known as, Hueman, explores transparency and opacity in mixed media paintings using acrylic and spray paint on stretched sheer organza.

Hueman more fully embraces the tumultuous, emotional, evocative potential of abstraction, sublimating her figures and faces within that volatile chromatic universe. “In this series,” she says, “humans are merely shadows or ghosts,” whose burning energy has left an imprint on the material world they’ve left behind.

Opening September 8, 7-10pm

September 8 - 29

Mirus Gallery, Denver, Colorado

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Murals In The Market

Detroit, MI September 13 - 22

Ghostbeard x Patch Whiskey, 2016

Building upon the success of the festival’s last 3 years, Murals In The Market will continue to expand Eastern Market’s walkable footprint, giving visitors a look into areas often unseen and underutilized, with more than 100 public murals strategically placed throughout the Market District.

This year MITM will work to expand beyond the walls, with new large-scale public installations and exhibitions from some of Detroit’s most influential sculptural artists. Events also include live poetry, artist talks, lectures, cultural events and concerts, including a massive family friendly Family Reunion Block Party featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff on September 15th!

2018 artists include Bisco Smith, Jim Bachor. Ever, Richard Wilson, Sydney G. James, Thing Thing, Ndubisi Okoye, Sheefy McFly, Camilo Pardo, Bob Sestok, Bmike, Kevin Lyons and Tony WHLGN.

Greg Mike, Askew and Jeff Soto x Maxx242, 2016. Photos Sarah Sansom.

September 13 - 22

Eastern Market, Detroit, MI

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Not in Use: Skeleton Cardboard at BSMT

London, September 20

One of my favorite drawn characters, Skeleton Cardboard, gets his own show at BSMT Space in East London. The street-side cardboard skeletons have come a long way, with the artist's work having evolved into a modern day dictionary of symbols, tech jargon and disclaimers and in doing so, encapsulates a longing for the simple, analog life of the past.

Preparation for the show from the artists Instagram.

September 20 - October 9

BSMT Space, East London

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Avant: Pioneers of NYC Street Arts at 17 Frost Gallery

Brooklyn, NYC September 21

17 Frost Gallery opens it doors for the second time after renovations to showcase the work of AVANT.

'AVANT Street Art Guerrilla Collective was the artist group active in New York City from 1980 to 1984. By 1984 AVANT had produced thousands of acrylic on paper paintings and plastered them on walls, doors, bus stops and galleries city wide. Principal artists were Christopher Hart Chambers, David Fried and Marc Thorne.' (Source - Wikipedia)

The show is curated by artist Jason Mamarella, also known as dwkrsna.

Photographs courtesy of the artists Instagram.

Opening September 21, 8-11pm

September 21 – 30

17 Frost Street, Williamsburg, BK

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Affordable Art Fair

NYC, September, 27-30

Adam Bridgland x 2, Gavin Benjamin, Chris Albert, David Farren and Dan Piech.

Affordable Art Fair NYC returns for its Fall edition, welcoming over 70 local, national and international exhibitors, to showcase original contemporary work from over 300 contemporary artists. Diverse artworks range between $100 to $10,000. Events include Artmaking Workshops, Opera performances, a Young Talent Exhibition and a Limited Edition Print by Adam Bridgland.

The Non-Violence Art Project has collaborated with creatives including Paul McCartney, Johnny Johansson, and Yoko Ono to design a series of limited-edition sculptures available at the fair.

Dex Fernandez, Jeon Nak and JM Robert.

September, 27-30

Metropolitan Pavilion

125 W 18th Street, NYC

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We hope you enjoy these events as much as we do, and hope to see you there!

Find all of these events at our SOLD Magazine calendar, continually updated by our crew.

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