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Abe Lincoln Jr. Has a Podcast: StreetRes

StreetRes is a Street Art Critique broadcast, hosted by artist and friend to Sold Magazine, Abe Lincoln Jr. The show discusses the pros and cons of Street Art going from an illegal action to a marketing strategy. The inaugural and first episode featured Jonathan Neville, of Centre-fuge Public Art Project and Dripped On The Road, and our own Big Ronnie. Returning the invite respectfully, Abe invited Big Ronnie after being the special guest on episode #2 on our own "In The Spray Room" podcast in February of this year.

The second episode of StreetRes features Ad Deville of Skewville. OG NYC Street Artists since the late 90's the Skewville Brothers have seen it all. They sit down and chop it up with Ad talking about Skewville’s art, where street art came from, and where it’s going. It’s available to listen on Anchor.

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