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  • Press Release by Nicole Gordon with Photos

Allouche Gallery Presents: PAPER TRAIL

Allouche Gallery

82 Gansevoort Street

New York, New York 10014

VIP Preview: September 6, 2018 from 6-9 pm

Allouche Gallery presents Paper Trail, a group show exploring the use of paper. From drawings and paintings to sculptures and collages, the artists employ unique methods of layering, space, and emphasis. The range of makers implore the viewer to understand how the manipulation of material, medium and form are associated with flexibility, strength, and resilience.

Layer after layer, the handling of paper transcends two-dimensional. Stepping closer to some pieces, viewers are faced with folds, creases, cracks, and crinkles that convey imperfections and callousness. The juxtaposition between the works that are bold, smooth and graphic invites viewers to look past what is at face value. The closer you look, the more you begin to see the similarities in the delicacy of paper and life. Light and shadow provide another element of perspective and opposing forces.

From Nick Georgiou’s three-dimensional literary sculptures to Swoon’s multi-media layering, the diverse uses of paper is a reflection on varying walks of life. Nostalgic and minimal, Paper Trail provides a mirror simplifying the complexity in being a human being. Paper, though fragile, is resilient and malleable. The artists’ modern use of the medium is a fresh take on a traditional craft.

Paper Trail explores contrast and juxtaposition through artists such as Ivan Alifan, Donald Baechler, Bast, David Choe, FAILE, Shepard Fairey, Nick Georgiou, Doze Green, Joe Grillo, Paul Insect, Katarina Janeckova, Rafa Macarron, Ryan McGinness, Taylor McKimens, Robert Nava, Kenny Scharf, Swoon, and Sebastian Wahl.

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