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  • Words by Erica Stella, Photos by just_a_spectator

Eduardo Kobra 2018: 4-6

The motivation, inspiration and cohesive collection of artwork produced by Eduardo Kobra and his team in NYC over the last few months has dealt with the subject of World Peace. As mentioned in the 1st of this series, Kobra intends to paint 28-30 murals in NYC, and we are waiting to see what he will do next.

The next 3 completed murals in this series include: Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi portraits facing each other, The Statue of Liberty with a sombrero, and the recreation of a photograph of a kneeling 9/11 firefighter.

These colorful murals are all located in Manhattan neighborhoods: Chelsea, SoHo and Upper East Side. There is another mural being completed in Brooklyn, but still has finishing touches to go! The anniversary of 9/11 became a priority. Check back with Sold Magazine for the next installment of Kobra murals across the Hudson River.

W 18th Street and 10th Avenue, Chelsea


2 sides at the intersection of Thompson and Watts, SoHo


780 3rd Avenue (49th Street), Upper East Side

The 8th completed mural in this 2018 takeover, is an 8-story recreation of the photo taken by Matthew McDermott of Mike Bellatoni from that dark day in history, September 11, 2001. On assignment for The New York Post, the image captured is of a firefighter overcome with exhaustion and despair, leaning on his ax.

17 years later today, this image reminds New Yorkers of that day because it hits close to home. But as the years move forward, New Yorkers have experienced how the day affected people from every corner of the earth. Brazilian Artist, Eduardo Kobra could not leave The Big Apple without paying homage to a day this city, and the world, will NEVER FORGET.

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