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AFA Gallery Presents Breaking News: King Saladeen + Mister E


King Saladeen + Mister E

SEPT. 13TH - OCT. 7TH, 2018


SEPT. 13TH, 6-8PM

AFA Gallery is pleased to announce Breaking News, an exhibition of new work from artists King Saladeen and Mister E, curated by Peter Tuchman and Doug Smith.

Self-taught artist King Saladeen, who will be launching a capsule collection in collaboration with Champion this fall, was born and raised in West Philadelphia, PA. Since his first solo show in 2014, Saladeen’s career has skyrocketed, and his work has been featured in several high-profile fine art exhibitions, including Art Basel (2015), as well as in a series of luxury automobile commissions, all while spreading a message of positivity and breaking boundaries.

Delray Beach, FL based artist Mister E is best known for his colorful interpretations of US currency. Through his bold reimagining of recognizable imagery, Mister E hopes to shift the public’s perspective of money from a symbol of greed and evil, to one of motivation.

The exhibition’s title, chosen by Peter Tuchman (best known as the New York Stock Exchange’s most photographed trader), makes reference to the groundbreaking debut of these artists’ work in the hallways of the NYSE this summer.

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