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ITSR, MoSA Bowery Opening Night: Nicholai Khan

Last week was all about MoSA Bowery. Before we get into the celebration, please take a walk through Sold Magazine History, and read Joanna Pan's articles about 5 Pointz in LIC, and the recent conclusion of the court case. This September, she gave us a background and preview of Thursday night's event, and Erica Stella and just_a_spectator covered the 5 vases created for the opening. Our 1st sit down was a long awaited conversation with NYC artist Nicholai Khan. This was no warm-up for the night; he brought the personality, and the passion. Listen to the latest ITSR from MoSA Bowery Opening Night, September 20, 2018.

Nicholai Khan's IG

Nicholai Khan's website


Nicholai Khan and Dragon76 with family at MoSA Bowery Event

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