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September Sold Magazine Staff Shots

Back to school again. The Midterm Elections are on the horizon, and the city is still humid and steamy. Take a glance through the freshest paint to kick of the Fall of 2018.

Joanna Pan

HOACS WIP, NYC 9.23.18

Erica Stella

Damien Mitchell WIP for Centre-fuge Public Art Project at Greenpoint Gallery 9.27.18


ElSol25 WIP in Freeman Alley, NYC 9.29.18

Sarah Sansom

Mydogsighs for HAHAxParadigm, Philadelphia, PA 9.23.18

Kristy Calabro

Sonny Sundancer for Greenpoint Innovations, BK 9.22.18

Nicole Gordon

LilKool and Pete Sharp WIP for Rag & Bone on the adjacent gate, NYC

John Domine

Mr. June for Urban Nation in Berlin, Germany 9.20.18

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