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  • Nicole Gordon with Photos Supplied by the Artist

SOLD Exclusive: DeeDee Print Release "Don't Touch Me"

The ghost who I admire and have grown so personally close to has finally agreed to talk to me formally within an interview format. Mysterious street artist deedeewashere is dropping an exciting print today at NOON and I just had to know more about it.... Nicole Gordon: I am so happy you agreed to opening up a bit more regarding what you do, we hope this relationship continues! You have been doing illegal work on the streets for years, making me curious as to what made you want to reach out now? You have created so many pieces for the streets, what makes this drop so important to you that you needed your voice to be heard?

DeeDee: This print edition is important to me because it is a chance for me to help in my own way. Since putting the "Don't Touch Me" piece on the street many have written me to tell me how it resonated with them. In the current climate, particularly this week, I felt it was time to release an edition of it and for a cause I am strongly for. All proceeds of the sale will go to the David Lynch Foundation, where they offer learning transcendental meditation free of charge to women who have been victims of abuse. I practice TM in my daily life and am very familiar with how it helps depression, anxiety, and stress. To support a foundation that offers this to women in need, particularly at this time, is very important to me.

NG: Where can our readers purchase this print?

DD: The print will be available online thru "Don't Touch Me" will be an edition of 20, signed and numbered. 1 color silkscreen ink and 6 color hand sprayed spray paint. Each will be a bit unique. Prints are $200 each, all proceeds going to the David Lynch Foundation to offer TM instruction free of charge to women who have been victims of abuse.

To learn more about the foundation, please go to

I cannot ask you my organic and visceral questions just yet as I know you rarely give interviews. I can tell you that I think the community on a whole appreciates you and your work. Keep up your anonymity friend, and thank you for bringing more light to this current chaotic situation.

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