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Eduardo Kobra 2018: 7-9

Did you think he was done?

Not even close. If you need a friendly reminder, Sold Magazine covered the first and second set of 3 murals already completed by this colorful mastermind. When Banksy came through NYC in October 2013, he gave us 30 pieces, for 30 consistent days. In 2018, Eduardo Kobra is giving the Big Apple the slow burn. Check out his next 3 pieces depicting Frida & Diego, The 27 Club, and Einstein on a Bike.

Frida & Diego in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

The 27 Club: Janice, Kurt, Jim, Jimmy & Amy on the corner of Forsyth & Rivington, NYC

Einstein on Bike, 48th & 3rd, NYC

*Photos by Just_A_Spectator

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