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October Sold Magazine Staff Shots

Midterm elections, pumpkin spiced lattes, and the chilly Fall weather is finally blowing into NYC. Pull out your turtleneck shirts art fans, it's October. Maybe we don't know which way the country is headed, but we see the writing on the walls, literally. Check out what we have captured with our lenses; artists have been up to a lot this month on the streets, instead of glued to the cable news channels. Good news for everyone.

John Domine

The 27 Club, with Eduardo Kobra surveying the work, 46 Rivington Street, LES


Albert Diaz WIP in SoHo, NYC

Joanna Pan

Subway Doodle WIP for The Drip Project at The Mes Hall

Raphael Gonzalez

Lula Goce WIP for 501seestreets on the building of Casa Saffra (corner of Brown Place & E 137th St, Bronx)

Sarah Sansom

Floyd Simmons WIP of Nas's Illmatic for the Album Cover Ed. at Underhill Walls curated Jeff Beler at 236 Underhill Ave, BK

Kristy Calabro

Eduardo Kobra, WIP on "Ellis" at the corner of Hudson and Houston, NYC


Himbad WIP in the backyard at 3rd Ethos Gallery in Bushwick, BK 10.15.18

Erica Stella

Eduardo Kobra WIP on his Run DMC piece at 12th Street & Avenue A, NYC 10.30.18

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