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  • Words and Photos by Julius July

Experience: Mickey True Original

Immersive art shows. You’ve seen them in your Instagram feed. You’ve probably stood in line for one or have seen other people stand in line for another. They are everywhere. So it’s only right for Disney to step in and blow everyone away.

Mickey: The True Original Exhibition is a new immersive art show/historical exhibit celebrating 90 years of the famous mouse. Curated by Darren Romanelli and featuring artists such as Kenny Scharf, Daniel Arsham, Shinique Smith, London Kaye, and Katherine Bernhard, (plus a classic appearance from Keith Haring) the exhibit explores Mickey Mouse’s influence on art and popular culture.

From his early black & white appearances in Steamboat Willie to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice to the Mickey Mouse Club, various incarnations are represented.

The over-saturation of immersive art shows has brought about their detractors, and it’s true that some are fly-by-night cash grabs. But the strong Disney brand makes this one worth checking out.


Mickey: The True Original Exhibition runs from November 8, 2018 – February 10, 2019

60 10th Avenue, New York City

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