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  • Words and Photos by Kristy Calabro and John Domine

The Akumal Arts Festival Warm-Up

Artists from around the world have begun to arrive in a small village in Mexico's Riviera Maya. And the walls are slowly being transformed into beautiful works of art to be appreciated by the local community and visitors alike. SOLD Magazine's Kristy Calabro and John Domine have been there to catch all of the action.

The Akumal Arts Festival is really starting to take shape!

Artists working on one portion of the bridge which connects the pueblo to the playa

and is separated by the main highway



A few walls were painted by the early arrivals to the festival. Justin Suarez (mrprvrt) took a break from his honeymoon to paint a stunning likeness of Mexico's national bird, the caracara, on the side of one of the homes in Akumal. Other wildlife was fittingly represented by Jake Klone (Klonism), one of the event's organizers, and Luis Valle (El Chan Guri), who depicted a local sea turtle and the effects of pollution on its habitat.



The official event with the community will take place over the weekend, from November 9th-11th. Local students have been creating "banderas", or flags, to adorn the pathway on the main street, and other artists have been working with students to paint the basketball court and swings for the children to enjoy around town. It is truly a community-engaged festival among a riot of color.



The pueblo is abuzz with activity, and you can feel the good energy pulsing throughout the town. Here are some of the progress shots thus far:


Arkane (part of a collaborative wall with Primal Graphic and Nubian Artwork)

Cecilia Paints

Damien Mitchell


Danielle Mastrion

Federico Massa (ienacruz)

Nate Dee

Dirkartnyc (with a cameo by Kristy Calabro)

Ivan Roque

Ms. Yellow

For all the coverage of the Akumal Arts Festival, check back with Sold Magazine all week long. This is just the beginning!

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