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I've Been Framed: A Collection of Works By City Kitty

Please join us... Friday, November 16th from 6-9PM at The Living Gallery Outpost for the opening of I’ve Been Framed, a three-day solo exhibition by NYC-based street artist City Kitty.

For the last 10 years, City Kitty has been wheat-pasting city streets throughout the U.S. and Europe with his signature cats, three-eyed humans, and cast of other colorful, hand-drawn characters.

City Kitty’s drawings interact playfully with the urban landscape and create a world of their own- part fantasy, part reality. This alternative realm blurs the boundaries between the strange and the familiar, the playful and the troublesome, and now, away from the streets and in a gallery setting – between lowbrow and fine art.


Everyone is welcome for the opening reception of this collection of drawings and paintings from City Kitty’s studio. The Gallery will be open Friday, November 16 from 6-9pm, Saturday, November 17 from 10-7pm, and Sunday, November 18 from 10-5pm.

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