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  • Words and Photos by John Domine

On the Road: Houston, TX


Believe it or not, Houston, Texas is a great place to visit if you are interested in seeing some amazing street art. Home to the annual HUE Mural Festival, bringing color to H-Town's streets, there is definitely a lot of art to be discovered in this Southern city. Add to that the international graffiti event, Meeting of Styles, and you have a cornucopia of urban art to choose from.

The Harrisburg Art Museum (HAM) Spelling out Houston, Texas

(H by Eles, Moes & Vurse. O by Black Cassidy. U by Amoe. S by W3r3on3. T by Dense.

O by Deck. N by Nacho. Star by Aos. T by Jerk. E by Hew. X by Magik. A by Empyre. S by Dizkust.)

I've outlined the hotspots to hit if you have a day or two to explore. But be advised, Houston is REALLY BIG, the largest city in Texas, so I would definitely recommend some wheels to get you around to discover all the amazing work. If a car is not an option, focus on one or two locations and you will still have plenty to see.



With a full list of must-see walls, start the day by filling your belly so you have the stamina to explore Houston's expansive collection of urban art. My recommendation is to pop into The Dunlavy, located at 3422 Allen Parkway. It is a quirky mix of industrial and classical, with exposed ductwork alongside crystal chandeliers, all in a beautiful, casual setting overlooking Buffalo Bayou Park. The star of the show is the food: simple, farm-fresh ingredients with bold flavors. The Croque Madame "In the Hole" and The Dunlavy Breakfast with Texas pecan raisin bread are both delicious options.



After fueling up, why not head to a HUE Mural hotspot, the Houston Graffiti Building, located at 1503 Chartres Street. The building's exterior is chock-full with amazing work by artists from around the world, including El Pez, The London Police, ICY & SOT, Houston's own Scott Tarboxx, Nicky Davis, and CRISP, among others.

El Pez and The London Police at the Houston Graffiti Building



Another spot worthy of a visit is the home of the 2016 Hue Mural Festival and Texas' oldest craft brewery, Saint Arnold Brewery. The buildings in the vicinity of the brewery are covered in some amazing pieces. And if you are keen for a break, you can always pop in for a brew while playing a round of Cornhole. Then wander around the buildings exploring the beauty of the walls. There is some gorgeous work by MDMN, Aquarela, Luis Valle, and Dandee Warhol to name a few.

The other-worldly work of Ana María



At the Talento Bilingüe de Houston, or the TBH Center, they strive to preserve, present and promote Latino culture through the performing, literary and visual arts. The facade of the building showcases work of Latino artists such as Real Tres, Arone Martinez, and Metzican.

The work of Arone Martinez



The Harrisburg Art Museum ( or The HAM) is located on Harrisburg Boulevard in EaDo (East Downtown). It is a space for street art and graffiti alike, and has quite a wide variety of work on offer. As an added bonus for your visit, NYC's RIS Crew currently resides on one full side of the building!



The international graffiti event, Meeting of Styles, was recently held in Clutch City, with new work all over town. There are many walls set around this year's epicenter at 2826 Luell Street, but as I say, there are works to be found spread across the city. Here are some of the pieces you may come across.

Hawk by Justin Suarez; Snake by Pilot1



Scattered around Houston are other works of art that warrant attention. Such as the work by Pixel Pancho, JC Rivera, Jules Muck, and others.

The work of Pixel Pancho



There are currently 92 artworks, added by street art hunter Marcos Hernandez, represented on the Street Art Cities Map, which, as you know, is my go-to destination for urban art around the globe. Be sure to use it as a jumping-off point as you explore Houston and beyond. And if you haven't done so, download their free app for maps on-the-go.

So, what are you waiting for? Houston is calling.

Screen Shot of the Houston Street Art Cities Map

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