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  • Words and Photos by Sarah Sansom

The Grit & The Glam Review

I've admired Lexi Bella and Danielle Mastrion's work for years, and have often seen them work side by side. This is the first time they've done a unique show together, so I was excited to see what they would create.

At 3rd Ethos Gallery in Bushwick, their work represents the grit of NYC (Danielle Mastrion), and the glamour (Lexi Bella). Almost the entire Sold team was in attendance. Scroll down for images from the show.

Daneille Mastrion at the show's opening, 11.29.18

'The Grit & The Glam is a showcase of juxtapositions and integrations; between urban and natural, decay and revival, abstraction and realism, grit and the glamour. Lexi and Danielle contrast and complement each other's style as they build off one another’s strengths, and navigate layers of meaning within their art.

Long time friends and colleagues, Lexi and Danielle have been transforming peeling gates and old brick walls into works of art for over a decade. For this first joint gallery show, the two artists explore the grit and glamour of their experiences and of the city that is their canvas.’

- Connie Byun, 3rd Ethos Gallery Curator

Lexi Bella at the show's opening, 11.29.18

The work is arranged alternately by artist to get the maximum contrast between the two. The grit of Danielle's urban objects contrasts really nicely with Lexi's glam lips and eyes. Interestingly, both color palettes are very similar. The bright colors are strikingly bold and engaging.

'I think Lexi has found a new direction for her art, and I like it. Next level.’

- Audrey Connolly, Sold Magazine contributor

Aware, Lexi Bella

'These remind me of the 'In Living Color' [title sequence] - really cool and different'

- @melocorp, NYC street art photographer

Tropical Call Box, Danielle Mastrion

High Priestess, Lexi Bella

'I liked all of the color. It popped, especially in Lexi's work.’

- John Domine, SOLD magazine Assistant Editor/Contributor

Mailbox (Sold) Danielle Mastrion

'I think the work bounces off & interacts with each other very well. I love how we worked on our own pieces separately in our own studios yet when we delivered the work, the color palette was so similar. The colors of the show I really love; the vibrancy.

And I learned something by seeing all my work up as a cohesive series, I treat these rusted decaying objects like portraits of people. They have features, expressions... It's interesting studying your own work once you step back from it.' - Danielle Mastrion, 11.30.18

Danielle often memorializes NYC institutions that are closing down. This is a tribute to the Union Square Coffee Shop. which just closed after many years of business. The Lilies depicted are often used at funerals.

(Photo: John Dominé).

Lexi Bella custom holographic stickers available at the gallery

'Seeing the show last night felt really important. It was incredible to see a concept Danielle and I had for about 3 years finally come to fruition. I feel like it changed and grew our styles in the direction of a really rich concept!

I love how Danielle starts with getting her backgrounds perfect as a base, and I start with a 'mess' and add the perfection on top of it. And we have exactly the same color palette!' - Lexi Bella, 11.30.18

So many artists came to support the show; Kwue Molly, Adam Fujita and Vince Ballentine among many


Danielle and Lexi Bella work as a great team, seen here at The Bushwick Collective, Stagg Street and the Welling Court Mural Project, Astoria:

Click images to enlarge

Danielle (Left) and Lexi Bella (Right) at Welling Court Mural project several years ago

'The Grit & The Glam' is open now until December 31. Go enjoy a blast of color as winter approaches!



The Grit & The Glam

3rd Ethos Gallery

154 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Opening Hours:

Thursday - Sunday: 2pm -8pm

11.29.18 - 12.31.18

More about the show from 3rd Ethos here

Read more about Danielle Mastrion here

Read more about Lexi Bella here

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