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In The Spray Room, Ep. 33 Rena Gray & Erin Ko

Back in August, Rena AKA WalinggirlNYC reached out to Sold Magazine to talk about an exciting opportunity. Only knowing Rena from her photos, and meeting her smiling face at art shows, I was pleasantly surprised that she was getting even more involved. She was taking on the role as curator for a new festival happening in November in Mexico, and asked for Sold's support. There was a substantial amount of coverage from Kristy Calabro and John Domine, and they had the time of their life! The Akumal Art and Culture Festival will be taking submissions for the 2nd Annual Festival in November '19, so be sure to check out the info on their website, and join us next year! Take a listen to Co-curators, Rena and Erin talk about the successful endeavor, and how excited they are for what is to come...

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