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  • Words by Nicole Gordon with Photos By Erica Stella

A Day With Peter Tuchman at the NYSE

Let me first say that Peter Tuchman, aka NYSE Einstein, is a wonderfully creative visionary. He is a true gem of a person and both Erica and I were overwhelmed with delight at being given the opportunity to tour the NYSE. I met Peter previous to the tour, and heard whispers of artwork being displayed within the NYSE and was not sure if it was a rumor or not. To our excitement, we can now say that the 6th floor of the NYSE features artwork by artists: Mister E, King Saladeen and John Born.

As far as the three of us were concerned, the NYSE is a gallery in itself with it's incredible architecture, ornate moldings, marble flooring and indescribable historic encounters. Peter spoke of how Alexander Hamilton built the banking system and gave birth to the New York Stock Exchange. The actual building was constructed in 1903. There used to be several thousands of traders on the floor, and today there are approximately 700.


Pics below on the floor of the NYSE 12.6.18:

Being with the most photographed trader, as well as most beloved in my opinion, was an experience we shall never forget. Throughout the day he was respectfully greeted, and seemingly known by all. Not only does he have his own sticker, but he was handing them out all day!

Peter saw a vision of having artwork brought into the NYSE, as he is both an avid collector and advocate of the arts. He turned to both Josh King, President of Communications, and Pete Asch the Corporate Communications and Archivist of "The Big Board Art Hall" where heads of state, Presidents, IPO holders and other dignitaries walk through. They proposed a business plan to have money related artwork hung in an isolated area of the floor.

They all concurred that the addition of art would be a wonderful idea as it would add diversity and urban art to the ageless institution. Once the business plan was approved, the isolated area turned into an entire long hallway that would also be graced with both plaques and gallery lighting. The hallway feels massive with it's many conference rooms. There are several works by Mister E, King Saladeen and John Born. This was all due to Peter, Josh and Pete coming together and creatively bringing something new and urban to the timelessly classic and beautifully detailed New York Stock Exchange.

Peter and Nicole in front of Mister E's piece at the entrance of "The Big Board Art Hall"

King Saladeen's Bull

The artwork has been very well received and is proposed to stay for one year. There may or may not be new artists rotated thereafter. That has not been decided as of yet, but the fact that Peter and his wonderful team of visionaries added art to the historical building was a first of it's kind. In all of his thirty years of being on the floor- this was a first for Peter!

Nicole and Peter with JP The Money Bear by King Saladeen

Nicole with 6 pieces by John Born arranged in the shape of a bull head

I had to ask how he chose the artists. Peter had a first hand relationship with both Mister E and King Saladeen, and John Born reached out via Instagram and spoke of how he was inspired by Peter and his mission with art. John wanted to offer his interpretation of the bulls and sent the 6 paintings seen above. Now the paintings are arranged as the outline of a bull's face within the grand hallway.

King Saladeen's CEO

Mister E


I can't imagine all of the VIPs worldwide, who now see the artwork and learn about the artists through Peter Tuchman's vision. I am certain the chosen artists are filled with pride, being the first to grace the walls of the NYSE. All it takes is a vision and perseverance to make something you truly believe in come to fruition. Just ask NYSE Einstein. He'd be the first to tell you that all things are possible...

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