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December Sold Magazine Staff Shots

2018 has done what it came to do, and now it's time to say good-bye. December was good to the Sold staff, some of us stayed home for the Holidays, but we also have a healthy dose of WIPs from Miami's Art Basel 2018. Take a look at the freshest paint this year has seen!

John Domine

Norm Abartig for Meeting of Styles Miami, 12.9.18

Erica Stella

Jay Shells WIP for EastVillageWalls on E. Houston, 12.4.18

Joanna Pan

HIRAKU NYC WIP for the Drip Project at The Mes Hall, Mt. Vernon, 12.3.18


wrdsmth WIP on Eldridge Street, Lower East Side 12.12.18

The Kiddist

MyDogSighs WIP on a collab with SNUB23 in Wynwood Miami, 12.6.18


Chloe Hakakian WIP on a Lambo for American Luxury Group while her asst. watches in front of her mural, Art Basel 12.6.18

Sarah Sansom

Fin DAC at Barter in Wynwood, Miami during Art Basel, 12.06.18

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