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2018: The Year of The Spray Room

In our Sophomore year, we tried out some new things on Sold Magazine. After our relaunch in May '17, the daily dose traveled down a few various avenues. We started our own style of a "street art/graffiti walking tour" with Bytegirl, continued our Artist Series with Citty Kitty and My Life in Yellow, and added a new student perspective with Graff 101. With our coverage of more cities in 2018 than ever before, we were given a boost of global attention thanks to our partnership with Street Art Cities. And right before the Holiday Season, Peter Tuchman gifted Sold Magazine an exclusive look at a very special art collection at the NYSE.

But it was our podcast, "In The Spray Room" that seemed to stand out among the interviews and other story telling in '18. Despite other stellar articles our crew produced this year, we quickly realized the power of the podcast, and how much fun we'd have conducting it. This provided us an easy way to record content (once we worked the kinks out), without the worry of an artist's anonymity. Each episode featured an artist working today, and we made sure they felt comfortable in the laid back environment. Many episodes revealed an intimate side of the artist no one had heard before, and gave them a chance to promote their latest projects in their own words. We decided to not edit, so the flow of the conversation is all on the shoulders of our MC, Big Ronnie.

Chris RWK Ep. 3 recorded on 2.18.18

Ratanic Ep. 17 recorded on 5.20.18

Tina Ziegler Ep. 10 recorded on 4.8.18

We've had almost every SOLDier including our Co-Founder, JPO sit in on the weekly panel discussion, but quickly realized that Bytegirl was the sidekick to Big Ronnie's podcast crew. Sitting in for almost all recordings, she is frequently joined by John Domine (when he's in town), Kristy Calabro, and myself.

Asst. Editor Kristy Calabro had this to say:

"I love that the podcast is another way we share artists' stories. It's great for those who like to stay anonymous; it makes them feel more comfortable, which in turn makes them more open to talk about all different things. It's a casual conversation among friends. Sometimes you don't even realize we are live and taping! "In the Spray Room", allows artists to be free to be themselves, speak the truth and have that connection with their fans."

Artwork Stickers & Tags, during various recordings throughout the year

When other contributors join in like Joanna Pan, Kalin Hart, Nicole Gordon, Claudia Reyes and Sarah Sansom it makes the discussion even more colorful! We look forward to keeping the round table discussions going in 2019!

ITSR kept a steady stream of heavy hitting artists coming in to sit down with the crew, both local and from across the globe. We also made sure to introduce our audience to artists they may not have heard of yet. Either way, each artist gave us a story that showed us a side of them we were intrigued by. We learned a lot this year, and we hope you did too!

Eelco Virus Ep. 7 recorded on 3.18.18

Sonny Sundancer Ep. 14 recorded on 4.31.18

Jenna Morello Ep. 6 recorded on 3.4.18

Solus Ep. 12 recorded on 4.15.18

Stoop Shots w various guest artists

Hiraku Ep. 14 recorded on 4.26.18

Jilly Ballistic Ep. 4 recorded on 2.18.18

Con$umrArt Ep. 5 recorded on 3.4.18

Connie Byun Ep. 19 recorded on 7.1.18


The excitement quickly caught on; we were invited to record at the Moniker Art Fair in the Spring, the Welling Court Mural Festival, and The Sampler BK in the Summer. We were honored to be on hand for The MoSA Bowery Opening in September, and in October we sat down with an amazing group of artists showing at HG Contemporary in Brooklyn. All of these episodes can be found on the PODCAST page or drop down menu on our site.

The Sold Crew of Ladies with gifts from our guest Skewville at Moniker Art Fair

Jay Shells at Moniker Art Fair

Eyez at Welling Court Mural Festival

Danielle Mastrion at The MoSA Bowery Opening

Sean Sullivan and Jenna Krypell at HG Contemporary

During the final recording of '18, Big Ronnie tallied that we had recorded interviews with over 70 artists this year. 35 original episodes, and 5 special events. We talked to an enormously wide variety of artists and curators working today! Looking back, it really was the "year of the podcast".

No one wants the party to stop. We encourage our audience to check out Sold's Patreon page & please contribute. There will be exciting opportunities for free gifts & giveaways coming soon! In The Spray Room is currently seeking sponsorship opportunities, so if you would like to hear your company promoted by Big Ronnie, reach out to us here.

Happy New Year from The Sold Crew... 2019 here we come!

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