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Sold Magazine's Ones to Watch for 2019

Last year when the Sold Magazine Crew all gathered for the 1st meeting of '18, we came up with the idea to nominate "Ones to Watch" artists for the year. With each artist, we kept a close eye on them, and covered in various ways. Be sure that this year's group will be no different. Take a look at who we are "watching"!

Captain Eyeliner

@captain_eyeliner in Freeman Alley

If you’ve seen Captain Eyeliner’s pieces on the street, then you’ve probably caught her shark heads with their razor-sharp teeth, ready to clamp down and “Smash the Patriarchy.” Or maybe you’ve seen her PSA Kitties in bow ties that look like a skull x-ray that have messages like, “Dead Men Don’t Cat Call” or “Publicly Shame Racists.” Playful, but profound is how you can describe Captain Eyeliner's work. If you take a tour of the LES of Manhattan, you will see a ton of her work on the streets and in Brooklyn as well. Right here, right Meow, be on the lookout for a lot more cat butts and messages that might actually make you stop and think. She’s just getting started. We're going to be watching you, Captain Eyeliner in 2019!


Food Baby Soul

"99 Problems, But a Stitch Ain't One" @foodbabysoul in Bushwick, BK

A domestic graffiti artist, "with an appetite for homemade", Food Baby Soul is instantly comforting and warms you like a blanket. Perhaps a blanket she stitched together herself from scraps of recycled fabric. She is one to follow for her creations, but also she is very thoughtful with her Instagram posts and has a lot to say about the current state of affairs. Her patchwork pieces can be found all over Brooklyn on telephone poles and fences. Funny and punny, her work also includes African proverbs that are food (baby soul) for thought and inspiring. Stitch, please! Food Baby Soul is definitely one to watch!



Spending a big part of '18 working on the WTC project, Riisboogie is ready to have an even bigger '19. With her partner Rez Ones, they get down and dirty with every project. A team that truly lives life to the fullest, and they can’t stop, won’t stop creating! Heavily inspired by hip-hop culture and all the incredible people that cross their paths, their studio is a blend of music, photography, illustration, painting, woodworking, graphic design, dance, fashion design, silk screening, and anything else they can get their hands on!


Marzipan Physics

Last year, the LES of Manhattan started to see a new character pop-up that brought back your inner Lisa Frank. My guess is that Marzipan Physics started her career managing "Gem & The Holograms", and then decided to pursue a more serious career in STEM education, and educating young girls about how cool science is! In her 1st year appearing on the streets, she stays styling with her mink stole, clutching a purse, and a look of determination. Sometimes mirroring herself, and recently in collaboration in LEGO form, courtesy of our friend, Raddington Falls. I look forward to more from this teal haired, starry-eyed lady, and who knows who she'll mix it up with next!


Cheyenne Julien

Artist Cheyenne Julien is Bronx born and raised and her work is eye catching and whimsical. I have known her since she was quite young, and last took this picture at Jeffrey Dietch's gallery when curator and fellow artist Nina Chanel had the show "Punch" in which Cheyenne was part of the incredible roster. 2019 is the year for her to shine even brighter!


Casey Baugh

Artist Casey Baugh is constantly pushing himself to experiment with new subject matter and technique and I have a feeling that 2019 will bring us a whole view of Casey . I caught a glimpse this summer of some of his newer pieces and they look NOTHING like his previous work. It is consistently stunning, and his sincere nature and flawless talent will take him far. #thefoolsgold


Virginia Zamora

Virginia Zamora is an artist who makes a statement about beauty, love, and fun. She uses a variety of mediums such as colored pencils and oil pastels which makes her subject matter stand out to me. Virginia works only from memory which is something many artists strive to do.



Philly artist Vr0n -- or Veronica -- wields colored embroidery floss and a needle to recreate masterfully accurate graffiti throwies! Her finished works are hoop-framed tributes to a dazzling constellation of renowned taggers. Although Vron has done some custom work and swapped pieces, she trades strictly in enjoyment, not cash. She's been creating this tag series for a little over two years, and has stitched around 80 different tags so far! This wall of tags in the artist's home fairly begs for an impromptu game of eye-spy: hunt for ACNE, ATOMS, DEBT, KUMA, and go from there!


Imaginary Clouds Collective

Imaginary Clouds Collective is taking Philly by storm. With monthly openings in an industrial loft setting, they are raising the bar and bringing a whole new world of art to Philadelphia.

In their own words:

ICC is an Artist Collective, Gallery, and Muralist guild, that specializes in art curation, interior design, and mural painting services... often working through non-profits and grants to fund projects. Public art is a major focus of ours because of its ability to transform places, individuals, communities and institutions. Within each of our projects we aspire to help our sponsors/clients merge with their communities and contemporary society. Art has always had an invaluable way of telling a story about the world we live in, by reflecting relevant information about its mystery. Through the artists we work with we would also like to tell a story, about a world we'd dream to help create and be a part of...

Some of the artists you will find at Imaginary Clouds Collective:


NDA Street Art - @ndastreetart








EL SOL 25 - @ELSOL25









Expect a SOLD Magazine Road Trip in the near future!!


The Postman

At the end of '18, we began to see some colorful icons, in the form of pasteups, make their way to the New York City streets (as well as other cities across the globe). With dyed hair and colorful clothing adorned with cityscapes representing the artist's hometown, The Postman, hailing from Brighton, England, brings something new to the wheat paste scene. In the ever-growing collection, you may see such familiar faces as David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, Basquiat, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse and more. Keep your eyes peeled on the streets as the collection appears to be growing at a rapid pace!