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Get Your Gear: The Sold Patch

The SHOP has been re-opened, and our 1st item is up for SALE!


BAFA "By Artists For Artists", from the beginning Sold Magazine has aimed to support artists. By telling their stories, promoting their projects and products, and helping them sell their work we continue to document this culture. The symbolic red dot sticker on the corner of a piece of art, lets the viewer know the piece has been Sold. That is where our logo was derived. The red dot sticker symbolizes something artists desire, validation of their craft.

But this is just a symbol, because artists can see success in other ways than just selling work hanging on a gallery wall. Collaborations, residencies, projects, festivals, commissions, or just a public wall; there are many way for artists to get their voices heard, and we are proud to be a platform for them.

Show your support for our efforts by rocking this hot item! Buy 1 for you, or 2 to share. The 2 1/4' Iron-on patch can be sewn on denim, canvas, a hoodie, your favorite hat - the possibilities are endless!

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