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Allouche Gallery: Sine Qua Non by Sebastian Wahl

Opening Reception:

Thursday, February 28, 6–9 PM

Allouche Gallery is pleased to present Sine Qua Non, by Sebastian Wahl


In this new body of work Wahl explores the contrast between colors and solid black while incorporating his signature process of arranging images between multiple layers of clear resin to create depth and dimension. Out of this work springs a sense of zero gravity where images are suspended in time and space.

To accompany the works on solid black Wahl will also be serving up a cornucopia of psychedelic landscapes and mandalas overflowing with symmetry and balance and bursting with colors.

“Sine qua non” is derived from Latin and can be translated literally as "Without which, not”. It represents the idea that without (something), (something else) won't be possible.

On choosing the title for the exhibition Wahl says, “This absolutely essential something for me, is art. Creating and sharing work is a sine qua non for happiness to my mind. “Sine Qua Non” as a concept has been buzzing around in my head for years. It is the perfect metaphor for my chosen medium because a collage simply cannot exist without all of the elements used to compose it.

Standing in front of Wahl’s work it is evident that his process is very honed. The artist has spent countless hours perfecting each aspect; from the immaculately cut out images to the crystal clear resin. Viewers are treated to surreal and mystical landscapes where completely unrelated images appear as if they were made for one another.

He says: “I am not entirely sure what inspired me to start using solid black backgrounds but it’s bringing out the light in my work so I think I’ll stick with it for now.

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