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February Sold Magazine Staff Shots

February, the shortest month of the year. The Sold Crew bundled up, and caught up with some of our favorites around town, even our founder JPO at his Opening Night at the Fairfield Museum and History Center in CT. Some shots are from out of town as well - check out this month's collection of the freshest paint on the streets!

John Domine

Emily Ding working on her portrait for Dragon School 99 in Oakland, CA


Dirt Cobain WIP for East Village Walls

Sarah Sansom

Woskerski WIP at Nomadic Community Gardens in Brick Lane, London

Erica Stella

Crashone WIP for The LISA Project NYC on Christie & Broome, NYC 2.5.19

Joanna Pan

JPO and his mural "Returns...Not Likely." Opening night of "Make Your Mark" show, Fairfield Museum, CT 2.14.19

Kristy Calabro

Cobre with Jenna Morello, Bay Ridge, BK 2.21.19

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