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Jenna Morello Joins Art Over Hate

Sold Magazine is pleased to announce, Jenna Morello is joining Artists 4 Israel for one of their Art Over Hate programs, painting murals in Israeli communities and areas affected by terrorism and hate next month. In particular, Jenna is part of an international group going to Ashkelon, Israel.

The goal is to help revitalize this city and beautify a community recently affected by war. The global team includes Hilton Alves who will be painting one of his “101 Perfect Waves”, TakerOne from Hungary, Royyaldog from China, MARS from South Africa, Whitney Kerr and Jenna from the US. Jenna, like the rest of the team, will be painting massive 5 story tall murals of their choosing. They are being welcomed by the city with open arms…and lots of food!

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