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  • Words and Photos by Sarah Sansom

SCOPE Art Show 2019: Top 5 to See

This year's SCOPE Art Show doesn't disappoint, with a fresh batch of bold new work by street, pop and contemporary artists.

The first fair to run concurrently with the Armory Show, SCOPE New York has consistently forged the way for emerging artists and galleries. Known for presenting groundbreaking contemporary work, the show welcomes 60 international exhibitors at its centrally-located venue.

My challenge was to choose the top 5 booths I recommend; take a look and see what you think!

SCOPE runs through Sunday March 10 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, Chelsea.


Galerie C.O.A, Montreal

A striking entrance to MissMe's work at Galerie C.O.A's booth

Montreal's MissMe, known in New York for her strong, feminist wheatpastes, depicts herself at life size in a series of beautiful canvases. Juliette Dumont at Galerie C.O.A., told me how MissMe gets her message out beyond canvases through street art, video and panel discussions around the world.

Meet the artist here on Saturday March 8, 3-5pm, no doubt wearing her signature balaclava (but don't worry, she's very approachable).

In breaking news, MissMe will also be on Sold Magazine's In the Spray Room podcast this coming Monday! Stay Tuned for the latest...

Details of mixed media canvases and giant MissMe's on the other wall of the booth (Click to enlarge)


Corey Helford Gallery, LA

Artist David Connelly of Dosshaus duo with their work, 'Americo's: the World's #1 Cereal'

Corey Helford Gallery's booth contains a great variety of pop and street artists from quiet to bold styles.

Speaking with Artist David, above, I loved his suggestion to his collectors that they place his work where they'd usually place the real thing - i.e. cereal in with their cereal boxes, so they see it on a daily basis. His jacket wasn't bad either...

Hush, Ben Eine, Hikari Shimoda, D-Face, Tina Yu and Hikari Shimoda (click to enlarge)

Booth wall including Ron English's take on Snoopy, Kazuki Takamatsu and Hikari Shimoda


Chic Evolution in Art, Atlanta

Lucio Carvalho oil paintings 'Fragile Protection Collection' photographed and printed behind glass, in editions of 20

Brazilian Lucio Carvalho's work at Chic Evolution draws you in from the SCOPE entrance with these large scale oil paintings.contrasting baroque dress and motorbike helmets. As a child, shy Lucio hid under his grandma's table, hence the helmet signaling safety, and drew the only thing he could see - her china figurines.

Details of the artists mesmerizing paintings


Thinkspace Projects, Culver City, CA

Ken Flewellyn, Associate Director and Registrar, is a friendly face at Thinkspace, based out of Culver City Arts District, LA

Thinkspace focused their booth on Leon Keer, a leading artist in anamorphic street art (You may be familiar with his giant polaroid camera in Miami).The acrylic on wood pieces here combine pop culture in ironic ways.

The caption for 'Pleasure and Reward' (below, top left) reads:

'Abusing pain-relieving drugs, eating them like candy, can easliy lead to addiction. And if people manage to kick their addictions, some end up eating tons of sweets during the recovery phase. This is due to the link between sugar and dopamine, the 'pleasure and reward' chemical in the brain.'

Acrylic on hand-cut wood panels (click to see full images)


Von Ewegen, Miami Beach/Hamburg

This Shyglo wall is an instagrammer magnet

Von Ewegen's booth, run by art publisher and manager Katarina von Ewegen, was packed with street artists and instagrammers drawn in by Shyglo's neon celebrities, Whisbe's gummy bears, and Greg Siff and Bisco Smith's detailed works.

Pieces by Gregory Siff, Whisbe and Bisco Smith (featured in SOLD magazine here).

Additional shots at Corey Helford Gallery and Von Ewegan's spaces

As you can see, there's a range of entertaining, inspiring work this year. Check out the show this weekend, and take a look at the artists and gallery's instagrams above to expand your art world.


SCOPE Art Show Details:


Fri | Mar 8 | 11:00AM - 8:00PM

Sat | Mar 9 | 11:00AM - 8:00PM

Sun | Mar 10 | 11:00AM - 7:00PM

Tickets $25

LOCATION | Metropolitan Pavilion 125 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

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