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  • Words and Photos by The Echo Parker

Little By Little, Learn About Little Ricky

Every year, I have a great time at my friend Chris J. Armenta's Birthday party. I look forward to his thoughtfully cultivated playlist and kitschy birthday themes.   This year, the theme was “Vogue Magazine”, and the Azealia Banks song “Anna Wintour” played frequently.   As fan of Azealia Banks and always intrigued by the iconic Vogue Magazine, I began to re-visit my interest in the most influential figure in fashion, during the twilight of her career, American Vogue Edition-In-Chief, Anna Wintour.

Then one day, during my daily walks through the DTLA Arts District, ironically listening to Azealia in my headphones, I noticed someone putting up a prominently placed, bright pink poster....

“MISSING.  Have you seen Anna Wintour? Last seen wearing dark glasses, a 60’s bob and a banana dress.  Fashion is her life.” 


I stopped and absolutely laughed out loud.  Anna was a stylish looking sheep, and she was missing! Ricky Sencion AKA   Little Ricky is a street artist from East LA, and we just happen to share a fascination with the same elusive fashion editor! I decided to embark on a journey...

I am excited to announce I will be covering a series of mini-stories following Little Ricky, as he prepares for his solo show later this year, ‘Anna: The Editor in Sheep’. Follow along on Sold Magazine for all the fun we are having on the LA streets, and learn about Little Ricky, Little By Little!

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