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March Sold Magazine Staff Shots

March is the month when Spring starts to peak its head out and look around. We had some nice days, and the temperature is bringing the indoor artwork out. Here is this month collection of new artwork from the Sold Magazine Crew:

Erica Stella

Captain Eyeliner WIP in Chelsea, NYC 3.3.19

John Domine

Claudio Picasso WIP for Grafftours in Bushwick, BK

Joanna Pan

rezor225 WIP in Brooklyn, 3.23.19

The Kiddist

Fanakapan WIP in Berlin, Germany for Urban Nation


Himbad WIP for The LISA Project, NYC

Kristy Calabro

Dirk for GraffTours, Bogart and Scholes, Brooklyn

Sarah Sansom

Fumero painting Raphael Gonzalez for East Village Walls opposite the Bowery Wall, NYC

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