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April Sold Magazine Staff Shots

April Showers bring May art fairs to NYC. The Sold Crew is gearing up for another out-of-the-box event at this year's Moniker Art Fair this weekend, so before we go inside, let's take a look back at the last 30 days of fresh paint. With some of the biggest names coming through this month, it didn't take much to put together a collection of superstars this April.

John Dominé

Tristan Eaton and Shane Jessup painting the Gilded Lady in NoMad, Manhattan (4/25)

Joanna Pan

SEEtf and his Biggie wall -- MULA, Brooklyn (4/3)

Sarah Sansom

Shalakattack at her wall with Bruno Smoky for Street Art for Mankind, Midtown NYC (4/06)

Nicole Gordon

Danielle Mastrion WIP at Ludlow & Rivington (AKA Beastie Boy Square) NYC

Erica Stella

Faith47 WIP for Street Art for Mankind at at 279 E 44th Street & 2nd Avenue in Midtown NYC

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