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Moniker Art Fair 2019: Top 5 to See

We're excited for the return of Moniker Art Fair to New York this week. More than just a fair with booths, Moniker has large scale, interactive artist installations, panel talks and a full bar.

Open May 1 - 5 in a new location in NoHo, Manhattan, Moniker stands out for street art fans: all urban art, on-the-day print releases, live screen-printing, and even competitions to win art.

This year’s theme, Cause & Effect, examines our shared roles and commitments in addressing the current state of political, social and ecological injustices.

In addition to gallery exhibitors, this year will feature solo artist presentations, with the fair’s Open Studios section and installations by Spotlight Artists. “Open Studios” is a dedicated section for solo artists to design a booth that best exemplifies their practice and work. Spotlight Artists are picked to create interactive and large-scale. Spotlight artists include The Yok, Icy and Sot, WK Interactive from France, and the We Are Fatherless print collective, who's work I've seen on walls in London and Chicago.

We at Sold have created our own space with 50+ wheatpaste artists (downstairs next to the bar, where else?) and will be recording podcast interviews with artists throughout the weekend.

Here are 5 highlights:


Artist Javier demonstrates the scale of the group's massive prints on wood.

Housed in the center of the first floor, you'll find a neon-colored, stencil-covered wooden house - enter to enjoy layered, screen-printed art enhanced by black light and 3D glasses. Formed of four artists in Illinois and London who work collaboratively, the art is 'fatherless' as it's passed back and forth to add their own touches. Brought to us by Chicago Truborn gallery.

The group's most popular print, an inner gallery, vintage details and the black-light house.



Vibrant work including Dale Grimshaw, My Dog Sighs, Tank Petrol and more draws you in at this UK gallery space. Curated by Living Art Global's Stephen Cook, I may be showing my UK bias with this choice that includes artists whose work I've loved on the streets of Manchester and London.

Top left - Bottom Right: Dale Grimshaw, My Dog SIghs and Tank Petrol (click for full image). Photos courtesy of the gallery

3: THE YOK & SHERYO Entrance Installation

This monumental installation is creating buzz at the fair's entrance. Originally from Australia and Singapore, nomadic duo Yok & Sheryo began with painting on the streets, but shifted to sculpture, ceramics, moving images and large-scale installations of an immersive nature. And they're a super-nice couple, too.

Entrance art includes a mirrored, rotating installation, outdoor signage, indoor mural and sculptures.


4: LI-HILL Installation

On the lower level you'll find Canadian-born, Brooklyn based Li-Hill's epic installation bringing to life a common theme of discord in his art (see his current deer artwork at The Bushwick Collective in Brooklyn). He created limited edition prints especially for this fair, in addition to striking canvas works.

Top left - bottom right: Canvases, prints on watercolor paper, installation close up and the canvases together


4: VINYL ON VINYL, Philippines

'Oh Shit' by Reen Barrera

An entertaining pitstop with vibrant mix of pop culture art, toys and fine art, VInyl on Vinyl is an engaging and eclectic booth. Stop by on Friday May 3 at 1pm for fine line tattoos by artist Sarah Gaugler.

Top left - bottom right: Sarah Gaugler, Lynyrd Paras and Reen Barrera paintings and toys


As you can see, there's lots of inspiring work and events to experience. Go enjoy the show!


Moniker website: Instagram: @monikerartfair



1pm - 10pm | $15


12pm - 8pm | $15


11am- 6pm | $15


Entrance to the fair is free during these times:

FRIDAY 3 Ma, 1 – 2:30pm

SUNDAY 5 May, 11am – 12:30pm

LOCATION | 718 Broadway, NoHo, Manhattan, New York

Near Astor Place 6 Station

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