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Marco Santini: Unity in Diversity

Award-Winning NYC Artist Marco Santini to host 1st solo show UNITY IN DIVERSITY

Marco Santini, the award-winning NYC-based street artist, fashion designer, photographer, and inventor who draws inspiration from inclusion, positivity and language will host his first solo show, UNITY IN DIVERSITY, at 198 Allen Street NYC from Thursday May 9th through Sunday May 12th.

This show with host over 50 pieces, ranging from paintings to sculptures to fashion designs to furniture pieces with an opening party on Thursday May 9th, from 6-10pm with refreshments and surprise giveaways.

Santini studied Linguistic Anthropology at Brown University, where he was intrigued by the relationship between communication, expression and imagery. Santini worked at branding agencies in NYC before fully committing to the arts. His geometric style is expressed across multiple mediums, including spray paint, paint markers, window markers, acrylics, magazines, textiles and digital art.

The various styles that comprise my designs express elements that are in constant communication with one another,” explained Santini.

His One Love logo, which features the word love in over 50 languages is meant to signify that there is more that unites us as a human race than divides us.

In 2018, I found my life’s purpose to spread love and positivity,” said Santini. “With this in mind, I decided to pursue my career in the arts, where I was met with the overwhelming support and love of my friends and family. That loving encouragement left me feeling unstoppable and I wanted to share this messaging with the world. It is this exchange of love and positivity that ended up being the inspiration for my art today.”

Santini has even experimented with Artificial Intelligence incubator Artendex, which has created a collaborative platform for artists to explore new methods of creating art. Four works created using this method will be on display.

Recently, Santini partnered with the UN Women Metro NY chapter of the US National Committee. The non-profit hopes to achieve gender equality by 2030 to create a sustainable development path for all people. Santini was motivated to create a geometric design that features the word EQUALITY in over 50 languages. The upcoming global campaign will focus on providing relief for women and children around the world.

As for his inspiration, Santini credits his friends, family and community for bringing about such love and positivity in his life.

We are all unique, different, and beautiful,” claims Santini. “I believe that this is something that should be celebrated rather than feared. Unifying as one in a celebration of these differences is a choice, not a requirement, but I am committing my life to making that choice, and helping others to understand the strength in standing together, to unify in our diversity.”

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