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May Sold Magazine Staff Shots

The month of May started with our presentation at the 2nd Moniker Art Fair takeover of NYC. In addition to podcast recordings throughout the fair with some of the biggest names, we also curated a 50+ artist wheatpaste installation around our table - so we could bring the outdoors in! Ever since then, the weather has been ideal, and the team has been busy catching the freshest paint going on these public walls. Look at what the last 30 days has looked like from the lens' of the Sold Magazine Crew!

Erica Stella

Lovepusher WIP on Bogart & Meadow, Brooklyn, NY 5.18.19

John Dominé

Tristan Eaton painting the "Gilded Lady" in NoMad

Joanna Pan

Surface of Beauty's assistant painting for Bushwick Collective 2019, 5.22.19

Claudia Reyes

BIO WIP for NYC Pride's WorldPride Mural Project in the Bronx, 5.29.19


Chris Soria WIP for The Bushwick Collective, 5.9.19

Gloria Zapata

Crash in front of his piece, Wall Works, 37th Bruckner Blvd., Bronx 5.8.19

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