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In The Spray Room PodCast: Big Ronnie's Thoughts

Despite what your average YouTube star demonstrates, audio & video production of any kind is difficult. Painstaking, time consuming, and at some times, defeating. In the early days of the "In The Spray Room" PodCast, we were flying by the seat of our pants and not succeeding. The audio on our first 3 recordings were so imbalanced, that they could not be released. Apologies to Jenna Morello and Abe Lincoln, Jr. for having to come in twice to record, and an extra special "oops" to The Donut Man for never being able to release his chat (worst audio ever). We have learned and adapted since, and have our process down, finally.

50 full length episodes and over 60 festival or show interviews since. As we are in the full swing of 2019 mural & festival season, it's time to push harder and continue getting our stories and interviews out to the world. That includes new partnerships, sponsors, and distribution sources.

In the past, we sought control over our views, clicks, and interactions, so the only place that you could listen to the "In The Spray Room" PodCast was on our site; As we evolve, so will our distribution;

We are now streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, CastBox, PocketCasts, Stitcher and most places PodCasts are consumed. We expected this to expose us to a larger audience than the niche users who already know about Sold, and in the first 3 weeks on our new platform, we are happy to say we have had over 1,400 downloads already!


2018 / 2019 Stats ... AND counting

Recordings: 117

Artists: 120

On Location @ Fairs/Festivals: 8

A special thanks to all the PodCast Co-Hosts:

JPO, John Domine', ByteGirl, Sarah Sansom, Erica Stella , Joanna Pan, Kristy Calabro, Claudia Reyes, Nicole Gordon, Kalin Hart, The Kiddist & Zimad

Tony Loud

Of course, none of this would be possible without these wonderful artists sharing their stories with us.

Thank you very much to:

Aaron Li-Hill, Abe Lincoln, Jr., Adrian Wilson, AJ LaVilla, Albertus Joseph, Al Diaz, Alex Emmert, A Lucky Rabbit, Angelo Madrigale, Angel Once, Brooklyn Street Art, Butterfly Mush, C3, Carlos TF, Cey Adams, Chris RWK, Chris Soria, City Kitty, Connie Byun, Con$umr, Cortes, D7606, Damien Mitchell, Danielle Mastrion, Dave Navarro, Derek Gores, Dirk, Dirt Cobain, Dirt Worship, Easy, Eelco Virus, Erin Ko, Eyez, Fatherless, FinDac, Fluid Toons, Fridge, Garrison Buxton, Good N Shiddy, Goop Massta, Grace Lang, Grey Matter, Harris Lobel, Himbad, Hiraku, InMmezzure, Intern Nadia, Isabelle Ewing, Jane Weissman, Jason Ackerman, Jason Naylor, Jay Shells, JCorp, Jeff Henriquez, Jenna Krypell, Jenna Morello, Jenn Hampton, Jilly Ballistic, Joe Iurato, Joel & Boa, Jonathan Levine, Jon Neville, Justin & Bella Phame, Kit 17, K-Nor, Koz, L'Amour Supreme, Leo (Sampler BK), LMNOPI, Lorelei, Lucinda Grange, Marc Evan, Marie Cecile Flageul, Marthalicia, Matthew Denton Burrows, Menace, Meres, Michel Velt, Miishab, Miro, Miss Me, Mr. Hydde, My Life In Yellow, Myth, Nathalie Levey, Nicholai Khan, Nick McManus, Noah Sheroff, Norbert 3000, Observer Obscura, OG Millie, Optimo, Otto Schade, Paid MSD, Porkchop, Ramiro Davaro-Comas, Ratanic, Rena Gray, Resa Piece, Reso 914, Ria Burns-Wilder, RiiisaBoogie, Rubin415, Sandy Cohen, Sean Sullivan, Shiro, Sinclair The Vandal, Sinned, Skewville, Solus, Sonny Sundancer, Stencibility Estonia, The Super Sucklord, The Villain, Tina Zeigler, Topaz, Turtle Caps, Vic (ASVP), WK Interact, Zimad

Big thanks to "In The Spray Room's" first sponsor: Mike Schulte. A passionate supporter of the arts, and all around nice guy. Mike is advertising his Real Estate services. Our listeners in and around NYC should consider Mike when looking for a new apartment, whether rent or buy.

Pull us up on your favorite service and enjoy! Much more to come.

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