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Sold's Stack of Books: Brian Blomerth's Bicycle Day

BRIAN BLOMERTH'S BICYCLE DAY, the debut graphic novel from frequent Anthology Editions collaborator, illustrator, musician and self-described "comic stripper" Brian Blomerth was released this week. To celebrate, we're throwing a party at Head Hi, on June 27th from 7-9PM, with an "expanded reading" from Brian, limited edition prints, and a live performance from Adult Moan featuring Lil Ugly Mane and Pickles.

This illustrated historical account of the events of April 19, 1943, when Swiss “mystic chemist” Albert Hofmann intentionally ingested an experimental dose of the new compound known as ‘lysergic acid diethylamide’ and embarked on the world’s first ever acid trip.​ Brian Blomerth’s Bicycle Day combines an extraordinary true story told in journalistic detail with the artist’s gritty, timelessly Technicolor comix style that is a testament to mind expansion, and a stunningly original visual history.

This stunning graphic novel is the first full book by the Brooklyn-based illustrator and cartoonist. Renowned for combining classic underground art styles with irreverent witty visuals, Blomerth has developed a cult following for his zines, comics, band posters and album covers. This new book, published by Anthology Editions, will be released with a foreword from the American ethnopharmacologist and author Dennis McKenna.

Blomerth’s work has graced numerous album covers and appeared in the New York Times, Vice, and Merry Jane, among other outlets. The event is free to attend, so if you're in New York and want to have your copy signed, listen to some tunes or have a drink, come on down!



Brian Blomerth is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Brooklyn. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University. His previous publications— released via Anthology Editions, Tan & Loose, and through his own Pupsintrouble Press—include the zines Xak's Wax, iPhone 64: A User's Guide, and Hypermaze. His illustrations have appeared in The New York Times and Bloomberg. A veteran of the underground music and arts scene whose work has graced numerous album covers for bands including the Growlers and North Americans, Blomerth also produces weekly comics which appear in Vice and Merry Jane.

Dennis McKenna (Introduction) is a renowned ethnopharmacologist and author. Since the 1970s, he has been a leading thinker on and advocate for the study and responsible use of psychedelics. Along with his brother Terence, McKenna co-authored 1975’s The Invisible Landscape, perhaps the seminal text on hallucinogenic drugs. A founding board member of the Heffter Research Institute and an advisor and lecturer for numerous other scientific organizations, McKenna has been an authoritative voice on plant hallucinogens for more than four decades. His most recent book The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss, a memoir of his journeys with his late brother, was published in 2012. He lives in British Columbia.



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